Olympic Sponsors Global Speak Out - Wednesday 5 February

On Wednesday 5 February, thousands of people will attend events in cities across the globe urging Olympic Sponsors to break their silence on Russia's anti-gay laws and speak out in support of gay, lesbian, bi, and trans Russians.  This is the moment to push sponsors to use their economic power to call for an end to these discriminatory laws.

Last time, on September 3rd, 2013, our Global Speakout for Russia was a huge success! 34 cities, 21 countries, 1 message: love always wins.

Check out the photos from around the world on our Facebook page (you can view them if you're not a Facebook user, too!)

Find An Event Near You

There are Global Speak Out events happening around the world. Check out the list below for one near you. On February 5:

There will also be events on other dates:

Print A Poster

Download posters here and print them out at home or your local print shop: https://www.allout.org/en/p6-posters

Create Your Own Event

If there's no event near you in the list above, you could set up your own! Follow the step-by-step guide.

1. Search online to find a good place to hold your event. You could look for the office or store of one of the Olympic Sponsors like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Visa or others – or if you're in a city, you could find a Russian embassy. Additionally, your parliament, city chambers or even town square could also be good places to meet.

2. Decide on an exact time and place to meet – pick a place that'll be easy for people to find. Make sure it’s after office hours on Wednesday 5 February so as many people as possible can join.

3. Search online if your local authority requires you to get a permit of any kind, it varies from country to country and place to place.

4. Set up a Facebook event (instructions) and email the link to events@allout.org. Invite all your Facebook friends and tell everyone you know by phone and email! Not everyone uses Facebook, but All Out doesn't have a way to set up events on our website yet, so it's probably the best way we have for now of spreading the word about an event.

5. Ask people to join you for the Global Speak Out for Russia and to come along wearing RED clothes to symbolize love.

Or it might just be enough to gather together and take a photo that we can use to help get newspapers to write about the Global Speak Out, and to share with activists in Russia to help them feel supported.

6. Spread the word even further, if you want you could invite local politicians or councillors, athletes, or business leaders to come along, and email the local newspaper to tell them about the event.

7. On the day, print out the All Out poster and go along about 10 mins early to meet everyone. The poster will help everyone know they’re in the right place. Download the poster by clicking here.

8. When people have arrived, you might want to welcome them and tell everyone why you set up the event. There’s no rules for what you should do at your event. Some examples you could follow:

  • You could talk about why people have come and how people feel about what's happening in Russia.
  • You could deliver our huge petition to Olympic sponsors by printing out the petition here, and giving it to the manager at a local McDonalds or at the front desk of Visa's, Coca-Cola's, or another sponsor's local offices.
  • Some people may just want to be there, in the spirit of love, on the same night as so many of us around the world, to be one important part of a huge, global message to Olympic sponsors, world leaders and Russia.

9. One more thing - make sure you take photos of your event and send it to events@allout.org too, so we know the event happened and it can help us get the headlines we want before the Olympics. Depending on where you are in the world, it might be dark - so if you can bring a camera with a good flash, that’s a great idea.

10. Good luck!
And remember – love always wins.

Please note that we are a truly tiny global team at All Out, and we probably won't be able to give as much help and assistance to members organizing events as we'd like to.

If you've got any more questions try asking other members on All Out's Facebook page for advice, and we'll do out best to chip in with advice and thoughts too where we can. Thanks for understanding!


This is a campaign of Purpose Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.