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Obama Stood Up for Love - Now Let's Stand with Him

We'll deliver a Thank You card straight to the White House to thank Obama this week

GOAL: 100,000
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May 9, 2012. In his own words, he "evolved".

President Barack Obama sat for an interview today and finally went public to support marriage equality.

We know critics in the US and leaders around the world will use this to attack Obama for supporting same sex relationships. But they won't be successful if we send a dramatic global message of support.

Will you help us make an example of Obama's willingness to affirm equal love and show other world leaders that they can change their minds too? We want to deliver the world's biggest Thank You card to the White House on Friday - we can't do it without you.

Update: Success!

In just a few days we collected almost 75,000 signatures on our massive thank you card for President Obama and sent it straight to the executive offices.

The impact of Obama's endorsement is rippling outwards, will you keep updated on our Facebook page?

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