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Iraq: Operation Relocation

A group of gay Iraqis in Baghdad, afraid to be identified because of an uptick in brutal violence. Adam Ferguson for The New York Times.

GOAL: 3,000
147 people have donated. Help us to get 3,000
UPDATE: May 11, 2012. Operation Relocation has begun with the first seven Iraqis now on their way to safety - but there is still more we can do to help.  

Our partners at the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP) have been able to immediately relocate those most in danger AND place two more people on the ground to help identify more at-risk people, knowing that those most in-danger are often the most hidden and hardest to reach.

Yousif*, now on his way, has written us this message:

"For so long, I was frightened and nervous every minute. Police had come to the house I was hiding at in more than one city, and I didn't know where to go. I know that hard times aren't over yet, but I cannot tell you what a weight has been lifted from me by being in this safe environment. (...) So much tension has just gone out of me. I actually laughed yesterday, and I could not stop. It has been so long since I laughed - I am so emotional. Thank you for doing this. I can actually relax now. I can breathe."  

However, there are still people in danger and one of them, Nasser*, has told us his story.

"I am in hiding in Baghdad because people found out I am gay, and I fear being beaten badly and killed. There are many of us now. We are sick of the unbelievable and continual hardships in our lives. We can’t get work. Our community rejects us all. People just don’t want us and have no mercy upon us."

If you haven't donated yet, we are still raising funds to assist with this life-saving project...

April 29, 2012. We just learned that 30 young people in Iraq are being marked for death - just because they are perceived as gay or "emo". Many have already been attacked and gone into hiding - with nowhere to turn.

All Out is partnering with the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) who is ready to put a team on the ground in Iraq to smuggle our friends to safety. If we each chip in just a few dollars right now, they can get transport vans and set up safe houses to get these 30 Iraqis to safety.

Will you chip in to help us make it happen?

*All Out is a program of the Purpose Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If we are unable to use your contribution for the purpose you specify, either because of oversubscription or for another unforeseen reason, it is our policy to use your contribution to support further campaigning in the area concerned or other critical global campaigns. Approximately 85% of funds donated to Purpose Foundation goes directly into All Out campaigning. The other 15% goes to important organizational needs like management, fundraising, legal advice, accounting support, and infrastructure – all of which are vital to effective campaigning.


Urgent Funding Needed For Transport and Safe Houses

All Out is working with the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) to raise urgent funds to transport dozens of gay and "emo" Iraqis to safe houses. Governments and foundations would take weeks to provide the money, but that's too late. More are beaten and arrested every day.

Will you make a contribution - whatever you can - to support this life saving mission? We will get your funds to those who need it right away and give our friends in Iraq a chance at a new life.
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