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Thanks to you Law 8711: Shelved!

Pride organizers beaten in the streets of Kiev, Ukraine © Reuters

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 donations
Thank you. Law 8711, Ukraine's proposed gay-gag rule, has been shelved for now. Because of the efforts of All Out members around the world - a bill that would have silenced millions in Ukraine has been stalled and hopefully defeated.

Our local contacts are telling us that the law could be brought back in September and we need to be prepared. By making a contribution you are making it possible for All Out to do more, with you, in more places.

Will you go All Out and give whatever you can to help us keep up momentum in Ukraine and around the world?

*All Out is a program of the Purpose Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If we are unable to use your contribution for the purpose you specify, either because of oversubscription or for another unforeseen reason, it is our policy to use your contribution to support further campaigning in the area concerned or other critical global campaigns. Approximately 85% of funds donated to Purpose Foundation goes directly into All Out campaigning. The other 15% goes to important organizational needs like management, fundraising, legal advice, accounting support, and infrastructure – all of which are vital to effective campaigning.

Help us build momentum. Let's go All Out!

If just 5000 people make a small contribution, we can keep fighting anti-gay laws like Ukraine's 8711 and expand our work to change both policy and hearts and minds in the region. Will you go All Out today and make a small contribution?

All Out has a tiny staff so your contribution goes straight to where it's needed most. We als get no money from governments or corporations so we are accountable only to you and other All Out members.
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