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GOAL: 20,000
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American anti-gay crusaders like Scott Lively helped create Uganda's dangerous new law. More and more well-funded groups in the US are spreading their hate in secret to new targets.

The Obama administration's rushing to take a public stance on global anti-gay laws. Now's our chance to grow massive public pressure to get the US Secretary of the Treasury to investigate and expose this dangerous anti-gay work.

If 100,000 of us sign right now we'll deliver it straight to the US Treasury – can you join?

Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' bill is widely considered to be the work of US Pastor Scott Lively. The deadly money trail can't be followed without a US Treasury audit – demand one now.

To: Secretary of The U.S. Treasury, Jacob Lew

Please order an immediate audit of the financial records of US organisations linked to Scott Lively and Lou Engle, including Abiding Truth Ministries, Redemption Gate Mission Society, International House of Prayer, and all other religious organisations linked to the global spread of anti-gay abuses.

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