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Time To End Gay "Cures"

It costs up to $1,200 for each "gay cure" session.

GOAL: 100,000
77,344 people support this campaign. Help us get to 100,000
UPDATE - December 6th: In six months, All Out members have pushed authorities in five countries - Argentina, Ecuador, France, the US and the UK - to denounce and take action against therapies to "cure" lesbians, gays, bi and trans people. But the fight against these fraudulent treatments continues - please sign and help spread the word!

Published July 12th: For more than 30 years a powerful group of religious extremists claimed they were able to cure homosexuality. But last week, the leading organization behind these horrible practices publicly acknowledged that they were a fraud.

These extremist anti-gay groups teach that people who feel same-sex attraction should stifle it - they should smother it so deeply that they don't recognize or love themselves. We have a unique opportunity to give the final blow that will end "gay cures" for good.

Will you call on governments around the world to ban "gay cures" now - and prevent Desert Stream from doing more harm? We have no time to lose. These phony "gay cure" sessions are happening right now in 10 different countries from France to Australia, Lithuania to the UK - and all over the US.
A world tour of gay "cure" sessions is happening right now. Add your name to the call for an international ban on harmful anti-gay "treatments" now.


For the past 30 years, gay "cures" have pushed thousands of gay and lesbian people around the world to self-destructive behavior and even suicide. This needs to stop.

Last week, the leading organization behind these gay "cures" publicly acknowledged that they were a fraud. But one major splinter group, Desert Stream, is refusing to bring this lucrative business to end.

We call on you to denounce and ban these gay "cures" now - and prevent Desert Stream from doing more harm.

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