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DC Comics: Drop Orson Scott Card!

GOAL: 25,000
18,285 people support this campaign. Help us get to 25,000
Update March 5 - USA Today just reported that the illustrator for Orson Scott Card's Superman story just left the book because of the massive outcry at Card's anti-gay work. The comic is now on hold - possibly forever. Your voices were heard!

 DC Comics has just hired anti-gay writer Orson Scott Card for their new digital Adventures of Superman.

He's written publicly that he believes marriage equality would lead to the end of civilization. He's also on the board of a notorious anti-equality organization. 

We need to let DC Comics know they can't support Orson Scott Card or his work to keep LGBT people as second-class citizens. They know they're accountable to their fans, so if enough of us speak out now, they'll hear us loud and clear. Sign and share!  

Thank you - help spread the word!