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GOAL: 200,000
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Update 30 Oct: This week, All Out members came together and funded massive billboards on wheels to swarm Coca-Cola HQ. Our message: "Coca-Cola, speak out now." We couldn't have done this without your help!

Posted 17 Oct: Coca-Cola bosses are meeting to decide if they should speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws. As a major sponsor of the Olympics, Coke has been under growing pressure for months. 

Coca-Cola could claim Russia's anti-gay laws have nothing to do with them. But if thousands of us email them now, they could see that this is a growing threat to Coca-Cola's fun, friendly image.

It could be enough to get them to condemn the anti-gay laws, in a major blow to President Putin. Can you send a quick email?


Send an email to the head of Coca-Cola. Use the example email below or it's even more powerful if you personalise it with your own message. Then, just hit send!