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Homophobia?There's an app for that.

Android, part of the Google family, has come out in support of LGBT rights in the past.

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UPDATE 10/5/11: Never has a "page not found" message made us so happy!
Thanks to your posts and emails, Google has responded to global pressure and dumped the homophobic "Is My Son Gay?" app from Android's market.
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Posted: Sept 28th 2011

Google's Android Marketplace is selling smartphone owners of all ages an app which promises to answer what they think is a pressing question: "Is My Son Gay?" If we alert the Google team to this outrageous questionnaire, we're sure they'll do the right thing and shut it down.

A homophobic quiz that asks "Is My Son Gay?" is being circulated through Google's Android app marketplace. Demand that they shut down these stereotypes immediately.

Google development team -

We demand that you immediately remove the "Is My Son Gay" application on the basis of hateful and abusive content.

The homophobic quiz decides sexual orientation by asking whether their son "takes a long time to do his hair," or if he "likes football" rather than "musicals". What's worse, the app implies that being gay means you're weird and that your parents did something wrong to make you that way.

As proud supporters of LGBT equality in the past, please remove the test immediately, blocking its developers for spreading homophobia through your application platform.

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