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Alabama: Being gay is NOT a crime

GOAL: 25,000
24,917 people support this campaign. Help us get to 25,000
Update May 2013: Over 18,000 of our signatures were delivered straight to lawmakers by teen advocates in Alabama. The legislature has closed without voting on this bill, but because of the tremendous support, the law will be in a strong position when the legislature is back in session. Keep signing and sharing to make sure we're ready when they come back!

In Alabama, teachers are forced by law to lie to their students and say that being gay is a criminal offence. We have a chance right now to end this terrible law.

Lesbian, gay, bi, and questioning youth in Alabama are being fed this false information that hurts their mental and physical health, and makes it more likely they'll be bullied or worse.

Alabama lawmakers now have in front of them a new bill to strike this anti-gay section from the law, but there's only a few weeks before this session is over. If they don't feel the pressure from the public and the media, this bill will languish in committee and we won't have another chance before 2014

This campaign is run in partnership with Advocates for Youth and AIDS Alabama.
In Alabama, teachers are forced by law to lie to their students and say that being gay is a criminal offence. Sign now to end this terrible law.

To: Alabama Lawmakers

End the law that forces teachers to lie and tell students that it's illegal to be gay.

Hate doesn't belong in the classroom!

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